Leaked Information Reveal Facebook Revenue and Profit Before IPO Filing Next Week

Facebook is set to file for IPO the coming week. Everyone is eyeing this move by the social network with interest because this will give a major boast to the overall value of Facebook. While Facebook hasn’t officially release any figures on it’s profits or revenue, there are reports that some inside sources have revealed this key information. Julie Boorstein of CNBC claimed that a source had revealed to her the profit and revenue of Facebook. She posted the exact figures on her Twitter account.

According to her tweet, Facebook’s 2011 revenue had mounted up to a huge $3.8 billion. She also revealed that the operating profit of the social networking giant are $1.5 billion. Facebook hasn’t ¬†registered any reaction to this statements, so we are still waiting to see whether or not Facebook’s revelations next week will corroborate these figures.


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