Microsoft Added More Than 75000 Apps To Windows Phone Store In 2012

Windows Phone platform hasn’t gained significant traction in face of fierce competition from iOS and Android devices. However, Microsoft has been steadily building the apps repository for the Windows Phone devices, publishing more than 75000 new apps in 2012 alone.

Windows Phone Store

One of the chief reasons why Android and iOS devices have found so many millions of users is that each of them boasts a very viable and large apps ecosystem. Users tend to prefer a platform which offers a rich collection of apps in their online apps store.

On this front, Windows Phone has been lacking and continues to do so. It boasts only a fraction of what Apple’s App Store and the Google Play Store offer. Apparently, to make up for this deficiency, Microsoft has been hard at work in bolstering the apps profile of its Windows Phone Store.

The company has been collaborating with developers to roll out more apps for the store. Whereas most of the notable and widely-used apps are already available on the Windows Phone Store, Microsoft needs to bump the overall count of the total apps to lure more users.

It has been quite focused on that during 2012, as the numbers do manifest. Microsoft published more than 75000 apps at the Windows Phone Store during the current year alone, more than doubling the total count. The growth is certainly impressive yet both rival apps marketplaces boast 750,000+ apps and Microsoft still has a long way to go. At the pace at which Windows Phone Store is growing, we can expect that Windows Phone devices may finally interest a sizeable user base by the end of 2013.

Courtesy: BGR

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