Microsoft Cooperates With Google Over Windows Phone YouTube App

Microsoft and Google have been involved in a minor tussle over the YouTube app for Windows Phone. When Microsoft offered the app to its Windows Phone users, Google sent out a cease-and-desist letter to the company, citing that the app didn’t contain any advertisements. Apparently, Microsoft eventually decided to appease Google’s concerns.

Windows Phone YouTube app

Another objection that was cited by Google was that the YouTube app for Windows Phone allowed users to download even such videos which were not meant to be available for mobile devices.

However, rather than acting by the cease-and-desist letter it received, Microsoft decided to play along with Google. Microsoft sought access to Google APIs in return for incorporating the demanded changes in the YouTube app.

For now, the two companies seem to be negotiating over the issue. However, Microsoft has dished out an update for the YouTube app which essentially bars the users from downloading such content which Google has blocked from mobile devices.

However, the update still doens’t bring advertisements to the app. Microsoft may have made the move to show Google that it is ready to cooperate but will need something in return.

According to a Microsoft spokesperson, “Microsoft updated the Windows Phone YouTube app to address the restricted video and offline video access concerns voiced by Google last week. We have been in contact with Google and continue to believe that our two companies can work together to hone an app that benefits our mutual customers, partners and content providers.”

Courtesy: Highlight Press

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