New Printer Using Erasable Toner Unveiled By Toshiba

The significance of paper in a world that is turning digital really fast is diminishing. And with it, the role of printers and other paper-related equipment has also been limited greatly. And so, vendors of printers are improvising to adjust to such a scenario. Now Toshiba has unveiled a printer that uses a toner that can be erased. This essentially means that a single paper can be used multiple times, hugely reducing costs of printing paper.

A similar idea has already been deployed by FriXion Ball erasable pens. This is how it works in both cases. Once the ink has been printed on a paper and then the paper is needed to be re-used, it is heated and that causes the ink on the paper to disappear. In Toshiba’s printers, this heating is accomplished by passing the page through a machine.

However, the toner can’t be used, like other toners, in printers other than special printers by Toshiba. So it’s kind of an entire package from Toshiba. The whole equipment comprises of a special printer that uses only the erasable ink, an eraser which is used to erase the ink from used pages. However, the ‘eraser’ does not entirely remove the ink from the pages and the text can be read when tilted the page at a certain angle under light. So this printer is not very suitable for printing sensitive information.

The best part of this setup is that a paper can be used five times with such a printer. This can be a huge benefit for such organizations who print paper in bulk since it will drastically reduce the costs spent on purchasing new paper.

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