Reports Say Apple Fired Its Maps Manager

Apple has been under a lot of pressure ever since the company replaced Google Maps with its own Maps in iOS 6. As it turned out, Apple’s Maps app was a disaster which attracted the ire of a lot of iOS users. Unconfirmed reports suggest that Apple has fired the manager who overlooked the development of Maps.

Apple Maps

Apple’s mapping team had been working on a mapping service for quite a while. The team was being overlooked by Richard Williamson. However, after the Maps fiasco, the company has undergone a few managerial changes.

As a result of these changes, unnamed sources have now claimed that Williamson has been relieved of his position by Senior Vice President Eddy Cue. Cue has been at his new position only for a month or so and has been actively shaking up the management in what looks like a damage-control attempt.

However, it isn’t clear exactly who will get to be the new head of the mapping team now that Williamson has been fired. The mapping team has been actively working on mitigating the damage done by the flawed maps by trying to fix the mistakes it contains and get its images straight.

Apple is under a lot of pressure to get its Maps act straight, because iOS users sorely miss Google Maps. However, the iPhone-maker seems adamant on improving and perfecting its own mapping solution rather than falling back on its rival’s product. One hopes that the next version of Apple’s Maps lands soon and that it is a lot better than the current offering.

Courtesy: Bloomberg

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