Practical use of Amazon Rekognition

Is Public Surveillance Essential for Smart Cities?

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The coming years will be heavily shaped by technology. Both Government and the Private sector can benefit from technological innovations. But most of it will depend on how they choose to leverage its power.

Amazon’s Rekognition is such a tool. It can help restore social security, but at the same, it can also pose a great privacy concern for citizens. Recently, police in Orlando and Oregon’s Washington County bought Rekognition. They wished to use Rekognition for facial recognition through municipal surveillance systems.

I will let the readers decide if its beneficial for the overall society. But for now, let’s look at some other real-life implementation of Rekognition.

Real-Life Implementation of Rekogniztion

Pinterest is one of the most widely used Social Media Platforms. This platform provides its users inspiration for different activities that they love doing.

Quick Stats about Pinterest

  • 70 Million Monthly Active Users.
  • 50 Billion Pins.

Its users get a chance to explore new ideas from a vast catalog of media files. Each user gets to search through all its posts and pin any that they might want to use for later use. Furthermore, users can follow other users and their boards.

So how does Pinterest leverage the power of Rekognition? If you have visited Pinterest, you have seen the millions of visual content readily available there. The visual contents are meant for inspiration, which makes the texts within the visual contents significantly importantly. For instance, if the Pinterest team finds a particular visual content containing text getting more pins, it has a valid reason for conducting an inquiry into why is so?