You Can Now Get A Physical, Prepaid Debit Card For Your Google Wallet

Google Wallet has long been a virtual tool which has received praise from many but hasn’t exactly gained a lot of traction. Despite the fact that it hasn’t been mentioned in any news for a while now, Wallet is alive and kicking. Google has now started offering a prepaid debit card to go with it.

Google Wallet card

A digital-only approach is certainly an enticing prospect for something like Google Wallet. But to truly integrate such a service with a user’s real-life money-spending, Google needed to offer a hard debit card as part of the package.

The search giant has now announced that Google Wallet users can now order their Wallet cards. These debit cards carry the typical clean, white look and once you place the order, they are shipped to your doorstep within two weeks.

So why should you use a Wallet card and prefer it over the other debit cards you have? Well, for a start, Wallet card comes with virtually no service fees tied to it. The card works everywhere a MasterCard may work and can be used to shop, pay as well as withdraw cash from ATMs.

Google has highlighted the point that the card incurs you absolutely no monthly or annual service fees. Moreover, every time you make a transaction using the card, you get instant notifications on your handset. To be able to order the brand new Wallet card, you can either do so through the Google Wallet app or by signing in at your Google Wallet account.

Source: Google Commerce

Courtesy: TechCrunch

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