Samsung Probed For Allegedly Playing ‘Dirty Tricks’ Against HTC

Politics dictates to retain the leadership position one shouldn’t be just content with one’s popularity, but should also make sure that one’s rivals don’t get to popular. Samsung Electronics Taiwan (SET) seems to have applied the philosophy against HTC in the latter’s home ground. The result is a newly launched investigation by the Taiwanese Fair Trade Commission into Samsung over allegations of foul play.

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According to AFP, Samsung Taiwan has been alleged to have been paying students to post negative comments online against HTC devices. The alleged campaign was operated via a local advertising agency hired by Samsung. The Taiwanese Fair Trade Commission believed that the behavior is similar to false advertising. Commission spokesman Sun Lih-chyun said, “The case was set up last week after we received complaints.” If Samsung and the agency are found to be guilty, they could be fined up to $835,000.

Samsung said that the event was “unfortunate” and a result of “insufficient understanding” of the “fundamental principles” of the company’s online procedures. Samsung said that it has has stopped all marketing that “involves the posting of anonymous comments.”

Source: AFP

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