What Not To Expect From This WWDC 14

You guys already seen enough of guesses on what to expect from this WWDC 14. Lets look at all the facts, instead of wild imagination and fantasy, lets see what we are not going to see from Mascone Center, just few hours later.


I will try to be brief, there is no point on giving large theory, as we all are going to find out in less then 20Hr, no lets keep the guess game limited.

No iWatch:

No iWatch TTJ

I don’t see why Apple will release complete new device in this season, they always keep main stuff for holiday season. Highest thing could happen if they tease the device, like they did for first iPhone, but I would not hold my breath for it.

No iPhone 6:

No iPhone 6 TTJ
It does not matter if you have seen leak back cover or font cover, this is not the time for new iPhone, so keep dreaming!

No iPad Pro:

ipad-pro-concept TTJ
This is just ridiculous don’t you think? 12inch Tablet by Apple? Keep guessing!

No iBeats:

They just acquired it, there is no even a single concept picture! But expect better future iRadio for sure.

No iHome:

There will be no standalone Smart Home device, there cold be few accessories that could feed data to iOS device which could be accessible via new App, but no iHome standalone device.

No iPad Split Multitasking:

All Apple device already multitask, in iPad just use 4-finger, remember? And report says split screen will not be released now, its just not ready yet, read report.

That’s all, for the rest keep holding your breath. I personally would love to see my guess fail, mainly for iWatch. There has been many try by each & every company (even from Microsoft!). But really need some usable, practical shiny Smart Watch.

So keep your eyes open for Stunning iOS 8, Refreshed Mac OS X Yosemite(!), MacBook Air Retina, iHealth, Updates in Siri, iRadio, Maps.

Stay tuned with our WWDC coverage. I am not covering live this year. But we will cover exactly what you want to see, in your language.

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