Samsung’s 2013 Marketing Budget Is Nearly $13 Billion

In the last few years, Samsung has risen from the back-benches of feature phone market and taken the front-seat in the smartphone industry. The key behind success, it would appear, is the hefty marketing budget that the company has. This year, the bill for this budget is all set to top $13 billion.

Samsung budget

Taking an estimate based on the company’s marketing budget over the last quarter, it is expected that Samsung will spend $4.5 billion during the fourth quarter. And that may result in an annual marketing budget of $13 billion.

This is a huge budget, when compared to the marketing bills of other companies. However, this may also explain why Samsung has surged so quickly and so successfully in the smartphone market and today, sells more handsets than any other company in the world.

Currently, Samsung is the largest Android handsets vendor. In terms of profit, Samsung is second only to Apple. At this rate, Samsung may well be able to trump Apple’s profits in the coming days.

Courtesy: Business Insider

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  1. Tsais

    Some people don’t buy phones based on advertising but based on specs and features.

    Samsung simply beats other phone makers on specs in high end phones. As for comparison to Apple, well, even if Apple would build something with higher specs, they still don’t let you swap batteries, use Micro SD cards or even move data from device to computer without a hassle. So for a lot of people, Apple isn’t even in the race for their next purchase. That’s more for the bling oriented customers.

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