Sochi Olympics: Samsung Offers Galaxy Note 3, Asks Athletes To Hide Apple Logo On Their iPhone

Samsung is apparently trying to cash in on the Sochi 2014 Olympics in Russia. Reports have it that the company is giving away free Galaxy Note 3 units to Olympic athletes, while also demanding that they hide the Apple logo on their iPhones during the opening ceremonies.

Sochi 2014 Olympics

This revelation comes from the Swiss team, participating in Sochi Olympics. According to the team, they found Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3 among the promotional kit that is being offered to athletes by the sponsors. However, Samsung’s offering comes with certain conditions.

The condition clearly shows how Samsung feels about its key smartphone rival, Apple. Athletes are required to hide the Apple logo on their iPhone handsets if they wish to avail the offer for a free Galaxy Note 3. They are required to do so only during the opening ceremony, after which they can resume the normal use of their iPhone.

It doesn’t seem very likely that many athletes will adhere to this absurd condition. Moreover, what is even more improbable is Samsung trying to get the Galaxy Note 3 handsets back from the athletes who don’t adhere with the aforementioned conditions. That will be bad publicity for the company and with the world’s eyes set at Sochi, that’ll will bring Samsung a lot of bad coverage.

It is worth mentioning here that Olympic athletes are forbidden from showing, or promoting any sponsor during an Olympics event. Only such sponsors are exempted which are official Olympic sponsors.

Courtesy: iClarified

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