Statistically One Millionth iOS App Approved By Apple

Apple has long been the undisputed king of the world of apps. The company’s online App Store hosts the largest repository of web apps. Appsfire, an application discovery company, has now claimed that Apple has recently approved the one millionth iOS app for its App Store.

App Store

The figures may seem a tab bit contradictory at first sight because Apple recently revealed that its App Store now hosts 700,000 apps. However, Appsfire claims that it has kept track of all iOS apps that have been submitted and approved by the App Store ever since its launch in 2008.

Naturally, this doesn’t include such apps which were later removed either by Apple or the developers for whatever reasons. That may explain the apparent disparity in the number of apps as revealed by Apple and Appsfire.

Out of the currently available 700,000+ apps available on the App Store, Appsfire claims that 336,000 are paid whereas the rest are free. Although App Store has long been the leading app store online, Google’s Play Store is hot in pursuit of it.

Google has significantly bolstered the sheer number of Android apps that are available in its online apps store. And given the open-source nature of Android, it wouldn’t come as a surprise if Android is indeed able to surpass iOS in the number of available apps sometime soon.

Source: Appsfire

Courtesy: CNET

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