Steve Jobs Served On White House Council During ’90s

There has been a lot of speculation a few days ago when FBI made a detailed file on Steve Jobs public. The file contained the fact the FBI was investigating Jobs’ background when he was being considered for a position on White House Council during President George H.W. Bush’s time. The content of the file were a bit shocking because a number of people who were consulted to gather views about Jobs described him in bad terms, calling him dishonest and someone who’d be happy only as long as he had his way. Now, we have learnt that Steve Jobs did indeed serve on President’s Bush White House Council during the ’90s.

According to a report which has been confirmed by the Cabinet department, Steve Jobs was part of the Expert Council, most probably from 1991 to 1993. Being a member of this council is an unpaid position. Members meet at least twice a year and advise the President regarding the trade policy.

It does seem surprising given the fact that so many people gave quite unfavorable remarks towards Steve Jobs. Although the names of the people who gave their opinion have been redacted from the file, it does seem that many of these people did know Jobs in a personal or professional capacity and were most probably among his colleagues.

One person who opined did recommend Jobs for the ‘high level of political position’ while also stating that he was deceptive. His views were that although Jobs didn’t have honesty or integrity, these traits were not required for the political position.

It is definitely hard to corroborate how much of this was correct, especially since Jobs is indeed hailed as a great visionary and not much is known about him in person.

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