Tim Cook Opens Up, Talks About Android, Future Of iOS And Google Glass

At the AllThingsD D11 conference, Apple’s chief Tim Cook opened up during an interview, talking at length about Android, the future of OS X and iOS, as well as a number of other issues. Given below are few glimpses of his talk and the opinions he cited towards the aforementioned issues.

Tim Cook

During the session, Cook was asked as to whether or not Apple would ever consider the option of porting its apps to Android. Since Apple has never done this before, many have long believed that the company would never do so as a policy.

But Cook begged to differ at his interview. According to him, “We have no religious issue with porting an Apple app to Android. If it made sense for us to do that, we would do that. You could apply that to every area of Apple.” That’s an encouraging statement from Apple and may lift the spirits of such Android users who have been wanting to get their hands on some Apple-exclusive apps.

Cook was also asked what were his views about Android’s rapid growth and winning presence in the mobile arena in terms of number. In response, he stated that, “Do I look at that? Of course, I don’t have my head stuck in the sand. But for us, winning has never been about having the most.” He then went on to cite how Apple also creates the best PC in the world and yet, does not sell a winning number of these machines. He emphasized that his company has always been more focused on quality than quantity.

One of the most important queries that were put to Cook during the session was that when may we see any new, major releases for iOS and OS X platforms. As expected, he responded by stating that the future of both of these platforms will be revealed at the upcoming WWDC 2013 event.

In his interview, Cook was quick to play down the influence and significance of Android. When broaching the subject of Google Glass, he stated that Apple was also interested in such wearable tech (lending hope that we may one day see a variation of ‘iWatch’ from Apple). However, he also stated that Google Glass has a narrow appeal and it remains to be seen how Google tries to make the gadget more mainstream.

Courtesy: Engadget

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