“TV Ads” Retire From Google’s Office

Google has announced that it is abandoning its “TV Ads” service. Google started the TV Ads service with a similar vision to Adwords. It was 2007 when Google started the service and campaigned about the service saying “target up to 42 million US households”. But the service failed to gain traction. Traditional media were suspicious and the program never really took off. And now, Google has decided to shut it down.

Within 2009 the drastic fall in Newspaper and Radio ads made people think that the next candidate will be TV ads. Google expected to change the game by bringing “digital buying and measurement technologies to traditional TV advertising”. But, the Adwords model couldn’t make its way in the traditional media. Companies that tried the service were small and little known entities in the industry. Hence, Google finally decided to shut down the service and focus on online video ad business.

The team behind the TV ads service will now put their efforts for the services like “YouTube, AdWords for Video, and ad serving tools for web video publishers”. Google promises to continue helping users in getting web content on their TV screens through products like Google TV.

Source: Venturebeat

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