Yahoo Planning To Sell It’s Alibaba Shares?

Yahoo has been running in troubled waters due to some slight financial crunch as well as managerial changes. We’ve been hearing a round of rumors about Yahoo trying to finalize a few deals to liquidate some assets and acquire some cash as a result. However, nearly none of those deals actually happened. A fresh rumor is saying that Yahoo is now planning to sell it’s stock in Alibaba, the Chinese giant. Yahoo may be looking forward to sell it’s share worth of 25 percent of AliBaba’s overall shares.

It looks like a fairly complex deal from the looks of it. The news are that Yahoo will sell it’s shares worth 25 percent of AliBaba. As a result, Yahoo gets two-thirds of the money against the shares while one-third of the money is to be invested as a tax-free stake probably in Analysts are saying that Yahoo stands a chance of making a fine $8 billion out of the deal, a cash that it desperately needs right now.

Last year too, it was reported that Yahoo will sell all of it’s assets in Asia, including it’s shares on AliBaba. But that didn’t happen. Then we also heard that Yahoo may sell it’s stake in Yahoo Japan for a handsome deal. Again, that didn’t happen. So in light of such a past, it’s hard to say how authentic this fresh rumor is. Yahoo is definitely in need of financial support and a number of companies, including Microsoft, have offered to come to tablet as investors. But Yahoo is trying to sail through this storm without having to rely on any new investors.

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