Intel Planning To Use Medfield Chip In iPhone, Android, Windows Phone

Intel’s Medfield chip is the latest from the world’s top chip-maker. The medfield chip is quite a break-through since it makes use of a single core and pulls all processes onto it, reducing battery usage. It is an excellent alternative to multi-core processors and is built along the same strategy as is used by ARM. According to news, Intel is trying to convince Apple to use medfield chip in it’s iOS devices. Intel’s vice president of architectural group also said that Intel is also looking to use it’s chip in Android and Windows Phone devices.

Currently, Apple is using Intel chips in the Mac devices. But for other iOS devices, such as iPhone and iPad, Apple is using it ‘s own line of processors. These are designed by Apple itself, although Samsung is the one who is producing them for Apple. Apple used A4 chips in iPhone 4 and then transitioned to more advanced A5 chips for iPhone 4S and iPad 2. There have also been rumors that Apple will be using the quad-core A6 chips for the upcoming iPhone 5 and iPad 3. Samsung also recently started a huge factory in Texas to start  churning out A4 chips. So it  does seem highly unlikely that Apple will switch to Intel for it’s iOS devices.

However, when it comes to Android and Windows Phone, Intel may have some chance. The new medfield chip is indeed a very impressive piece of technology and Android devices can set up a new standard against Apple’s line of processors with the help of it .

Image courtesy huangjiahui.

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