[Video] Watch Snowboarder Jamie Barrow Gliding With Handheld Thruster

21-year-old Jamie Barrow is Britain’s fastest snowboarder. Lately, Barrow has done gliding with handheld thruster in order to break his maximum speed record of 151.6 kmph (94.2 mph).

Jamie Barrow With Handheld Airplane Thrusters

Jamie Barrow started snowboarding since age 15. He became British Youth Snowboard Cross Champion 2008. He also became British Junior Snowboard Cross Champion in 2009, 2010 and 2011. In 2011, Barrow won the British Universities Indoor Snowboard Championships too. But in January 2013, Barrow had had an accident, resulting him seriously injured. Before the accident, Barrow had marked a maximum speed of 151.6 kmph (94.2 mph) while gliding, enabling him to hold the crown of Britain’s fastest snowboarder. After recovery, Barrow again came back in snowboarding and wished to break his old record. And UK-based company Dreamscience Propulsion came forward to partially make his wish come true.


Dreamscience Propulsion has created handheld airplane thrusters made with carbon fiber fans and blades with aluminium frame. It weighs around 8 kg and has the ability to support about 100 to 120 lbs of thrust. Dreamscience Propulsion has used lithium polymer (52 volts with 700 amps max current) batteries inside the thruster which help it to run merely 5 minutes at full power.

Jamie Barrow Testing Thruster

The functionality of thruster is quiet impressive. Its small powerful electric motors turn carbon fiber fans at very high speed (30000 rpm) to produce a narrow column of air like a jet engine. The air coming out of the fans move at hundreds of miles per hour. A snowboarder would be able to slow it down or stop by twisting the pole round 180 degrees of the controller.

Jamie Barrow Testing Dreamscience Thruster

However, as Barrow wanted to break his old record, and on the other hand, Dreamscience Propulsion was looking for someone to test thruster, so the company invited Barrow to try it out, and Barrow willingly agreed to do that. Here’s the video showing snowboarder Barrow gliding with handheld thruster.

Source: Dreamscience
Thanks To: Laughing Squid

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