JayBird SB2 Sportsband Bluetooth headphones

Jaybird offers music aficionados freedom of wireless in a sportsband headphone style.The all new SB2 sportsband Bluetooth headphones sport a vibrant colorful look alongside a sleek modern design.

Enabling users to pick from a range of nine colors including Sonic Blue, Runner’s Red, Toffee Apple Red and more, the colors seem to reflect every occasion. Apart from its stunning looks, the peripheral provides bass-rich Bluetooth music experience.

It touts to bring in high fidelity bass response with the apt-X on board that cleans up, adds depth, bass and treble to the Bluetooth music with technical specifications which match CD quality output. Moreover, the Apt-X further helps kick out pristine CD quality music.

The SB2 features upgraded hardware for enhanced volume, clarity and call performance. It is capable of handling stereo music as well as phone calls. Adding to users convenience are the AVRCP remote controls. JayBird has also bundled lifetime warranty against sweat, making the headphones an ideal workout companion.

The Sportsband headphones carry a price tag of $99.

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  1. pc repair

    Those colors are good selling points. So is that $99 price.

  2. pc repair

    Those colors are good selling points. So is that $99 price.

  3. Tommy

    £15 dollars in some stores online. Just under a different name…

  4. Martje

    Im getting those!!

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