Lenovo Introduces Customizable Android App Store For Corporate Users

Apple is definitely far ahead of its rival, Android, when it comes to the success as well as the scope of its App Store. Android still has a lot of catching up to do. But while Apple steals all the limelight from the main stage, Lenovo is working on attracting corporate users to offer help to them for creating a customizable Android app store.

Termed ‘Lenovo Enterprise App Shop’, this tool basically ‘enables IT managers to customize and publish Android corporate apps in an online store, and to purchase volume apps with license management for end users.’

So what does this mean for I.T. managers? They can surf through Lenovo’s app catalog and then choose the ones they think best suits the needs of their clients. In this way, I.T. managers can effectively create kind of app store of their own, which they customize to a great extent. Moreover, these managers can then publish their private apps and using their custom app shop, publish them for the users.

So far, the apps available in Lenovo’s catalog are mostly related to business-related and education-oriented apps. And these apps are available for purchasing in volume pricing, so users as well as companies could profit from this and save on individual purchases.

In all, this is indeed a rather innovative initiative by Lenovo and it ought to excite corporate users who have long been waiting for a comprehensive solution for their apps needs.

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