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Sharp Is Working With Japanese Government On Standard Home Management Control Protocol

Home automation is nothing new and a number of companies have already been working on it. Specifically, from among the tech giants, Google and Motorola have been working on home energy managements systems (HEMS). Now, Sharp is collaborating with the Japanese government to create a standard control protocol for HEMS. Sharp hopes that once this protocol is designed, it will be compatible with the electronics of every manufacturer.

Sharp has been working on HEMS for quite some time now. This was recently revealed by the company at the Photovoltaic Power Generation Expo in Tokyo. So what is so different about Sharp’s approach? Well, the HEMS developed by Sharp makes use of a Wi-fi module which plugs into an outlet. Then it is able to transmit information about how much energy is being used to a smartphone or a tablet. In this way, it is quite easy to keep an eye on the rate at which energy is being consumed at your home.

What really stands apart Sharp’s approaches from others is that Sharp is hoping that it can create a certain standard for the control protocols. In the past, Sharp has used the ZigBee protocol. According to the company, it is in discussion with the Japanese government about it’s aims of ‘unification of control protocols.’ The company also hopes that within a year or two, they will be able to design this protocol so that Japanese users will be able to use a Sharp tablet and manage electronics from a number of other manufacturers with the help of it.

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