Microsoft Plans To Announce ARM-based Windows

Microsoft will be ready to work with an ARM processor compatible version of Windows OS.ARM-based Windows support for Tegra 2 and Qualcomm’s upcoming dualcore CPUs and ARM-based Windows will be showed at CES next month……

Microsoft Corp. plans to demonstrate a new version of its widely used Windows operating system that targets low-power devices and adds support for chips based on designs from ARM Holdings PLC as well as the x86 chip technology offered by Intel and Advanced Micro Devices Inc.Microsoft will discuss the software at the Consumer Electronics Show in early January.Chips based on designs licensed by ARM consume less power than most x86 chips, helping to make them an overwhelming favorite in smartphones.Microsoft helped pioneer the tablet concept, starting in the 1990s with pen-based versions of Windows on devices that use x86 chips. But the latest models based on Windows 7, Microsoft’s latest operating system, have been far overshadowed by Apple’s success with iPad.Microsoft can deliver a new tablet-friendly version of Windows and the next major release of the operating system Windows 8, isn’t expected until 2012 some time.


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  1. Sendittodavid

    You got SmartPhone? iPhone, Android (lots of them…) iPad….etc….all use the ARM CPU.

    Hmmm….I wonder does MS have a larger plan here.

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