No Google Glass For People Who Wear Glasses

Google Glass is finally nearing the point where developers may finally land their early units. The consumers are expected to get the smart glasses later this year. However, what is rather unfortunate is that Google currently has no Google Glass offerings for such people who wear prescription glasses.

Google Glass

Google has been showing off the glasses in different marketing campaigns, meant to perk up the interest of the developers and consumers alike ahead of the actual launch. However, in nearly all these ads, the people who are shown to be wearing these glasses don’t normally wear glasses.

A clear example is that of both Google co-founders, neither of which wears prescription glasses in real life. Does that mean that Google is not targeting glasses-wearing folks with its upcoming product? According to Google, currently it doesn’t have a Google Glass alternative model for those who wear regular glasses.

However, the company did say as much, “We’re preparing additional models that are designed to work for people who require prescription lenses.” There are some who have cited that glasses-wearing users can easily overcome the problem by wearing eye lenses and then using Google Glass.

But the problems related with lenses are many and varied, with some people simply unable to put up with them. Moreover, there are no specific timelines for the special Google Glass model for those who wear glasses. Does that mean that such a model is not exactly a top priority of the Google Glass team right now? Yes.

Source: CNET

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