NetJets begins Aircell in-flight WiFi installations

NetJets Selects Aircell High Speed Internet Service for World’s Largest Fractional Fleet.In Business Aviation’s Largest-ever Order for High Speed Connectivity,Aircell High Speed Internet Coming to More Than 250 Aircraft in the NetJets Fleet…..

Aircell, the world’s leading provider of inflight connectivity, today announced that NetJets Inc, the pioneer and unquestioned market leader in fractional aircraft ownership, will equip more than 250 of its midsize and large-cabin aircraft with Aircell High Speed Internet service. Installations begin this month.

Aircell’s program with NetJets represents the largest order for high-speed Internet service in the history of business aviation. Reflecting its continued focus on innovation and continuous improvements in customer service, NetJets plans to have all future fleet aircraft, including light cabin models, delivered from the factory with high speed Internet service. With more than 800 aircraft, NetJets operates the largest private aviation fleet in the world.

David Sokol, NetJets’ Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, said, “With the Internet at the center of business and personal lives, a full-speed connection has become an expected service for busy people who travel. NetJets owners are some of the most accomplished and productive people in the world and I know they will appreciate the added option to stay connected while onboard their aircraft.”

With Aircell High Speed Internet, NetJets owners will be able to access the Internet with any Wi-Fi equipped laptop, notebook computer, or other personal electronic device at speeds that are similar to wireless mobile broadband on the ground. They can send and receive real-time emails with attachments, transfer large files, connect to corporate VPNs, access online publications, listen to the latest podcasts, or even download the perfect music to enjoy at 41,000 feet.

It’s one thing to expect in-flight WiFi on a commercial flight serving two or three hundred addicted peons, but how on Earth has it taken until now for NetJets to hop onboard this bandwagon? For those unaware, NetJets hosts the world’s largest fractional fleet of business-oriented aircraft, and those that lay claim to portions of its herd are amongst the most wealthy this world has to offer.

John Wade, Aircell’s Executive Vice President and General Manager, said, “We’re honored to continue our multi-year relationship with NetJets. Aircell High Speed Internet will dramatically transform the travel experience for NetJets owners. They can be productive enroute and hit the ground running, instead of scrambling to catch up with all the things they missed since takeoff. Nothing increases inflight productivity like a rich Internet experience and no system in aviation is as fast, lightweight and affordable as Aircell High Speed Internet.”

Currently, the outfit has just over 800 planes, and starting next month over 250 of them (in the midsize and large-cabin categories) will be equipped with Aircell’s high speed internet service. In time, NetJets is planning to have “all future fleet aircraft, including light cabin models, delivered from the factory with high speed internet,” and we’re guessing that the jetsetters who drop the Benjamins to have their own plane are as anxious as ever for the future to be now. After all, who wouldn’t want to tweet images of filet mignon from 35,000 feet?


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