New Research Will Propose Redesigning Multi-Core Processors As Networks

The power of processing has indeed increased exponentially over the years. However, the chief problem with such a progress is that the efficiency of better processing machines hasn’t increased likewise. Now, a new research promises hopes for far more efficient multi-core processors. The research will be presented by a professor at MIT.

Currently, processors can very easily accommodate multiple cores and the number of these cores is only increasingly over time. However, the big question is, how good is the efficiency of inter-communication between these cores? Because that would truly bring out the power of a multi-core processor. Unfortunately, the current design of multi-core processors is not very efficient.

Do we have an alternative? Not yet,  but we have been promised that one will be promised soon. Associate Professor at MIT, Li-Shiuan and her team has worked on this for some ten years. She intends to present a research paper about this which will incorporate a new solution for the problem of the efficiency of multi-core processors. The design she will proposes makes use of packets of data, as is the case in data transmission over internet.

The basics of the model proposed by Shiuan are that every core will be connected to four cores around it with the help of short wires. Now, packets of signals will be sent and a set of routers will determine which core should get what packet. With the help of this, the size of a processor will be reduced, the power consumption will diminish and the efficiency will be significantly enhanced.

However, Shiuan is not very sure if such a processor could be created soon. According to her, ‘The biggest problem, I think, is that in industry right now, people don’t know how to build these networks, because it has been buses for decades.’

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