Next Generation OLED ink

Plextronics rolls out next genaration OLED ink and this is printable OLED material.It shows boost in life time and lower operating voltage at universal display corporation……

Plextronics announced today that its Plexcore® OC NQ ink is now available for limited sampling, with more broad availability expected in 2011. The non-aqueous-based Hole Injection Layer (HIL) ink augments the company’s existing aqueous-based HIL, and is geared specifically for solution processible phosphorescent OLED emitters. The company also expects to introduce ink-jet (printable) inks for limited sampling early in 2011. This is a major step for large, and cheap OLED-Television panels end 2011.

The technology has advanced to the point where we are getting that much closer to fully solution-processed OLED devices, and new materials such as our non-aqueous HIL are a key requirement in the transition from vapor to solution processing.Universal Display issued a press release announcing significant advances in the performance of its Universal P2OLED™ solution-processible, phosphorescent OLED material systems. Plextronics was the HIL provider, and its Plexcore® OC NQ ink helped UDC to achieve a lower operating voltage and a boost in lifetime over previously disclosed results.

The UDC results were announced by Dr. Kwang Ohk Cheon, Senior Research Scientist at Universal Display, during the 10th International Meeting on Information Display (IMID 2010), from October 11 to 15 in Korea.During his talk, Dr. Cheon reported on a new green P2OLED system with 66 candelas per Ampere (cd/A) and 130,000 hours of operating lifetime to 50% of an initial luminance of 1000 nits – representing approximately a two times improvement in luminous efficiency and lifetime.


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