Oranges to charge an Apple iPhone!!

lemons power a digital clock, and we’ve seen an Orange tent energize a gaggle of Apples. But do you know that Oranges can charge your dying iPhone?

We have to hand it to Imperial Leisure, the company that executed a new iPhone-centered advertisement aimed at raising awareness for Jaffa oranges. We won’t spoil the whole thing for you, but we will say that you’ll be far hungrier after watching than you are right now. Watch the video down here.

It takes 2,380 orange slices to do so, in theory that’s about 590 Oranges – if those oranges were sliced in quarters.
Now let’s see if it’s quite worth it to charge Apples with Oranges, Each 9pack California Navel Oranges costs $25, so let’s divide 590 oranges with 9 (per pack) multiply it by $25, you get to spend over $1,600. With $1.6k US you can buy 13 HyperMac Mini that can charge your iPhone 78 times.


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