Phone Scams May Now Be Detected With Fujitsu’s New Technology

Some of us think that gone are the times when people would try to con other people over a call. Apparently, not very much so. Last year, more than $100 million were lost to such phone scams in Japan alone. So now, Fujitsu has developed a new technology through which, it is being claimed, a con artists can be detected when he makes a call to the victim.

This new technology is not solely Fujitsu’s creation and the company created it in collaboration with Nagoya University. It is being hoped that with this new technology, it can be detected whether or not a person is trying to con a user.

How exactly does this work? At the heart of it is voice analysis technology. Through this technology, first the speaker’s voice will be analysed to detect if the speaker is under stress. Next, the voice will then be recognized to scan the words spoken by the supposed con artist. This will be done to see if the speaker makes frequent use of the words often used by con artists to entice the users. These words have been compiled in a list by National Police Academy.

The technology will not be commercially available yet. It will first be tested with the National Police Academy and a Japanese bank. If it proves to be truly useful in finding phone scams and saving the millions lost in phone scams, the company may contemplate launching it for mass usage.

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