Qi Allowed By Wireless Power Consortium To Charge Devices Up To 40mm Away

Wireless charging has been gaining traction in the tech world but it hasn’t found mass following yet. One of the reasons has been a lack of standards, a problem which Wireless Power Consortium has been trying to solve. Now, WPC has updated the Qi wireless charging standard. According to the update, now devices can be wirelessly recharged if they are up to 40mm away from the magnetic platform.

In terms of convenience, this is a huge step forward. According to the earlier iteration of the Qi standard, the devices was require to be placed within 5mm of the magnetic platform to charge it. Although this was clutter free by removing the need for a wire, it still required the hassle to keep the device within the range of the platform, which wasn’t much of a range.

With the new standard, a user can carry around his mobile within 40mm of the magnetic platform and it will still continue charging. This is a significant enhancement in the Qi standard. WPC has also introduced a number of new transmitted designs. These designs will essentially bring more freedom and space to consumer product vendors to tweak the placement as well as alignment of the device.

WPC is hopeful that with these multiple new designs, vendors will be able to make wireless charging far more convenient for the users and it can then be implemented across multiple realms of life.

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