Republican National Convention Chooses Google As ‘Official Social Platform’

Republic and Democratic National Conventions are very significant for American politics. So naturally, a lot of people hook up to watch these conventions online too. That’s why these events are also very important for tech companies who try hard to secure the spot of being the official partner. This year, Google bagged the crown at least for the Republic National Convention and has been announced as the ‘official social platform’ for the occasion.

The title that Google has been accorded as the official partner of the event reads ‘official social platform and livestream provider.’ So while Google has already been on to RNC back in 2008, things may be different this time.

Back in 2008, Google was the ‘official innovation partner’ at RNC. Google justified the tag by putting YouTube right at the heart of its coverage. This time, however, Google has a more generic outfit at the occasion. And so, we can expect a richer and more deeply Google-integrated experience from the search giant. What is a little harrowing is the possibility that Google may pitch in Google Plus as the main social network at the occasion but lets hope that remains just a possibility.

As far as Democratic National Convention is concerned, it hasn’t announced any official partner yet to cover the event. DNC joined hands with Microsoft back in 2008 but this time around, we are still unsure which major player it is going to choose.


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