Microsoft Tries Patenting Low-Powered Interactive Second Display

Patents are a rather interesting way of gauging the possible future ambitions of a company. So which company has now revealed its plans by patenting one of its creative spins? This time, its Microsoft and the company has filed for a patent which is about a device which comes with two screens.

This is an interesting idea in that the device that Microsoft has envisioned in its patent comprises of two screens. The primary screen is pretty much the conventional. However, the second screen will be a low-power display which will display different information based on whatever is being displayed on the primary screen.

An image that does not come directly from the patent, tries to illustrate the idea by showing a secondary screen with a clock being displayed on its back. According to the app, the device will be able to display different user information even when the device is in sleep mode.

In a way, it may be an e-ink reader where you will be able to find different kind of useful info that you wouldn’t want your primary screen to be cluttered with. However, it depends how useful this secondary screen turns out to be. This is because if it is only of limited use, a design which comes with two screens may only add up to the hassle of the average user and so, may not find traction.


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