Requiem App Cracks Apple’s FairPlay DRM For iBooks

The FairPlay DRM system for music was fairly pushed aside by Apple back in 2009. Few would have thought that it was important any more. However, the fact that a number of iTunes features such as apps, videos and iBooks, still use the copyright protection scheme of FairPlay DRM keeps it relevant to day. DRM for apps and videos has already been cracked and now, finally, DRM for iBooks has also been cracked with the help of an app called Requiem.

Requiem app has been around for some time and is available for both OS X and Windows. It has earlier been able to undo FairPlay from iTunes movies and music. The new functionality of the app allows the user to remove DRM restrictions from iBooks ePub files. This crack allows the user to open and read iBook’s ePub files to be read on a number of non-iOS devices.

However, this move by Requiem, on top of a number of moves by the developers of the app in the past, tend to violate the terms and conditions of iTunes. Apple had upped the security of iTunes in the past so as not to let the security be violated by the earlier version of Requiem app. But the developers of the app have been persistent in their attempts to update the app so as to deliver the promised functionality.
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