Researchers Developing A System That Makes The Back Seats Of Car Invisible

Sometimes human eyes perform better than camera while driving in reverse. Though having side and rear view mirrors and even ‘reverse camera’, driving in reverse is a bit tough. But why it should be still a bit ‘tough’ while we are living in technological world? Possibly the same question came into Japan’s Keio University’s researchers’ mind. Now those researchers are working so hard to develop a optical-camouflage system which actually makes the back seat of the car “invisible” from the driver’s perspective and the driver could take the car in reverse easily.


When a driver takes the car in reverse by looking back directly, he/she can’t see the backside properly because of car’s back seats. But if the driver looks back via the technology, the back seats of the car become transparent. How? The system called “see-through Prius” captures footage from behind an object and projects the background onto the back seats. The driver looks at the back seat and takes the car in reverse easily. Through the system the driver can park the car easily in a narrow and tight space. To be noted, for the project, Toyota Prius is used.

Taking the car back through this way is known as the “see-through Prius”. Japan’s Keio University’s researchers are preparing to unveil the system at the upcoming 2012 Digital Content Expo in Tokyo, Japan. This optical-camouflage technology is developed by Susumu Tachi, Masahiko Inami and colleagues.

Source : CNET

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