Samsung O Table Concept For Your Kitchen

I am sure most of you did watch that extra-ordinary video by Corning ‘A day made of glass’ in which, besides all things else, Corning depicted that in future, cooking can be done on a stove made up of glass. The way cooking was shown in that video was more like a game than a tedious task. This is exactly what Samsung O Table Concept seems to propose. Samsung O Table is a portable hob that allows for a rather unique, futuristic way of cooking.

This kitchen hob comes in a number of colors. So how does this hob operates and how can you control the thermal output of this hob? Samsung intends to add a cool touch pad to the design where you simply have to draw a circle to control the temperature of the hob. Imagine the moment when you could cook your food at exactly such a hob and by controlling the temperature exactly by simply drawing a circle. This is definitely much more fun than the conventional modes of cooking. Let’s just hope that such a hop soon moves from the conceptual realm to commercial production.

Screen Shots:

Image Credit: Pocket-lint

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