Siri Integrated In Mercedes-Benz A-Class

As if having won millions of users and praise from across the board for being an excellent voice-based personal assistant wasn’t enough, Apple’s Siri has bagged yet another achievement. Mercedes-Benz has now decided to incorporate support for iPhone and Siri’s functionality in it’s A-Class’ infotainment system.With the help of the Drive Kit Plus, iPhone is linked to the main electronics system of the car and then the fun begins.

The Digital DriveStyle App displays iPhone applications on the infotainment system screen. The user  can then easily access those apps using controls in the car or through voice commands.

The applications that could be integrated and used include some very useful ones such as Twitter, Facebook and AUPEO! Personal Radio. Couple the access to these apps with the fact that the user can utilize the functionality of Siri from within the car and this turns out to be a really cool addition to the vehicle.

The user can also choose music stations, update status and send messages using the controller dial on the center console. All, or most, of these functions can be accomplished by asking the Siri to perform them. Of course Siri comes with some of it’s limitations but to be able to use Siri while driving when both your hands ought to be busy, is definitely a huge plus one.

Mercedes-Benz, with this innovation, will become the first among the top vehicle manufacturers to have integrated Siri in it’s system. Although recorded voice-based assistance is available in some vehicles, none has a feature as advanced as Siri.
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