Spotify Opens To All In US

Spotify opens up to all in the US with free, unlimited music streaming for six months and you can upgrade to the premium subscriptions, which is $5 per month for unlimited ad-free music while the second, more popular option costs $10 and gives access to higher quality tracks, mobile access (tablet, phone, etc) and offline listening capabilities………………….


Spotify made its debut in the US on July 14th but it was an invite-only service and after Facebook’sannouncement to integrate more services and apps into its service, it looks like Spotify is ready to open up to the rest of the country. Users can now sign up for an account at and use a mobile app for Android or iPhone to stream music over wireless and cellular networks to their phones, tag songs for offline viewing, favorite tracks, share them with friends and more, the service is slowly rolling out the new features, so it might take a little time for invites to drop completely. Spotify will be giving users unlimited streaming for six months on the free plan, instead of the usual 10 hours and if you haven’t got an account yet, head over to Spotify’s website to see what the fuss is all about. The move is actually a bit of a surprise, given this morning’s announcement of deep Spotify integration with Facebook, allowing users to listen to songs together and you’ll likely remember that competitors MOG and Rdio have both recently introduced free or freemium plans. After those six months are up, you’ll be faced with ten free hours of streaming per month, unless you opt for the $10/month premium service and Spotify currently has more than 2 million paying subscribers in eight countries, adding about 400,000 paying users since its U.S. launch.



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