Buzzfeed Gets $15 Million, Plans To Become More Social

Buzzfeed, the website which aggregates viral content on web, has raised a whooping $15 million C round. The fundraising was led by New Enterprise Associates. The website was originally co-founded by Jonah Peretti, who is also the co-founder of The Huff-Post. So far, the website has been concentrating on content aggregation of viral content around the web. However, it intends to use the funds to concentrate more on the social and editorial aspect.

What is Buzzfeed?
If case you don’t know, Buzzfeed is a website that brings together and aggregates all the viral content on the web and categorizes it under different categories. You may say that there are a number of other websites that are also doing the same, so how is Buzzfeed any different? Well…what’s different about Buzzfeed is that it adds a small editorial description with all the content it places on it’s website.

“How can I use it?”
So how do you use it and why should you use it? Well…the first and the foremost reason is that if you are always looking for interesting content online, Buzzfeed can be really helpful for you. You can find the content of your interest under different tags. And it’s no ordinary content, it’s the content that has been doing round on the internet and will definitely be worth your time.

The content on Buzzfeed is sorted under a number of different Badges, a kind of categorization. The Badges include Lol, Cute, Win, Fail, Omg, Wtf and others. When a user visits a post on Buzzfeed, he is able to select a badge for that post, based on the nature of it’s content. If a large number of users choose a certain badge for a post then that badge is permanently placed next to the post.

With this new funding, Buzzfeed intends to become even better. Buzzfeed’s founder, Jonah Peretti is of the view that Buzzfeed will be trying to blend in the social aspect of content sharing. Also, Buzzfeed will be producing some original viral content of it’s own, rather than just aggregating from the web.

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