ChilledLime : A New Online Debating Platform Coming

The era of online debating already started. Its going to get a new promising platform, ChilledLime. Its still in closed beta, only peopel with invite code are allowed to test, but its coming live from Mid November. Check the details of this new platform below.

The start-up like is already creating buzz, as the next US presidential election is not too far. Where you could share your view point and create a community for that. Now here comes another platform, ChilledLime.

ChilledLime – A new, innovative place for being creative and having fun with debating. Debating offline is great fun, but doing it online is a bit tricky. First of all there is no such website that is really focusing on this. There are some of them, but they mostly use vBulltein or phpBB as the software for their actual site. So they are modified forums. There must be a cool place for online arguments! Here comes ChilledLime!

What is ChilledLime Actually?

In brief this site will be an intelligent and fun platform for “online arguments”.

In detail:
# Users can start, join and vote arguments without registration [This is the best thing about the whole project! ]
# Replies can also be up and down voted
# Everyone can sort arguments and replies by his/her taste
# You are anonymous on the whole site. This means no registration, no login, no personal info
# The site also includes a smart and simple search function
# And loads of other secret functions!

We got some information from the founder that the main goal of this project is to build a nice community: “In the future we will be aiming to build a friendly and respectful community of users, who help each other and develop a fantastic online place where everyone can debate about almost anything”.

ChilledLime is still in closed beta. Sign up for the notification on the main page at

If you want to get updates about this new startup, check out the official blog at and follow @chilledlime on Twitter.

According to our source its going to launch in mid-November, but still no exact public release date as the developers behind ChilledLime want this to perfect before making it public. We could expect a great online community platform to debate online and express our views.

What do you think? Are they are going to be popular? Do you like the idea? Do you think its going to get bigger then Share your ideas with us – comment or connect socially.

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