Thylacine: A Modular, Customizable Sleeping Bag That Can Be Used In Any Season

Earlier we have seen a special capsule that will let employees have a power nap in office. We have also seen Ostrich Pillow that lets anybody to have a superb power nap anytime, everywhere. Now here comes Thylacine, a modular, customizable sleeping bag that can be used in any season.

Sleeping Bag

Usually sleeping bags are made based on season. That means, you can’t use one sleeping bag for all seasons. It’s because sleeping bags made for summer season come with different elements, and so does the winter season sleeping bags. But Thylacine is a fully customizable sleeping bag system that can adapt as your needs and environment changes.

Thylacine is equipped with Variable Warmth Technology™ that delivers complete customization through a system of changeable insulated baffles. The baffles can be filled with synthetic, down, or a hybrid of both types of insulation. The Thylacine uses a patent-pending locking feature that keeps the baffles properly positioned inside the baffle chamber to prevent cold spots. The baffles are created using an ultralight downproof fabric that is quilted in order to minimize the migration of insulation. By simply removing or adding baffles to the baffle chambers, you can create the customized temperature rating you need for whatever adventure awaits you.

Sleeping Bag

Until now, you had to buy two different sleeping bags for summer and winter weather while going to any campaign. But this Thylacine can be used for all the seasons. In simple word, Thylacine is an exceptional sleeping bag that comes with endless options.

Thylacine Sleeping Bag
Thylacine Sleeping Bag

At present, Thylacine manufacturer Kammok is making different types of sleeping bags along with different sizes. The team is now trying to raise a fund of $60,000 by . By pledging minimum $200, you get the basic model of Thylacine sleeping bag.

As of writing, the Kammok team has collected an amount of $26,266 from 100 backers. Here’s a video of Thylacine sleeping bag.

For more details, either visit Kammok’s website or hit the link the below.

Source: Kickstarter

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