Get Paid By EveryMove For Playing Sports And Staying Healthy

When you buy a health insurance plan, you are making sure that the moment you run into a health problem, you are provided sufficient medical facilities. However, your plan provider would naturally want you to stay healthy and rarely get sick because the more your health deteriorates, the more you go to the doctor and the more it costs the provider. EveryMove has now launched a service, partnering with health plan providers, which pays you for staying fit.


Once you sign up for the service, you are supposed to log in the number of hours you spend doing healthy activities, such as playing any sports or hitting the gym. The more you do these activities and log their hours, the more ‘rewards’ you get in return.

You can choose from a host of options as to what kind of rewards you want. For instance, you can get Amazon gift cards, movie rentals from content providers and a lot more. For the service to gain traction, it will need to have an adequate number of health plan providers to be on board, so as to connect them with their consumers.

Currently, LifeWise Health Plan in Washington is partnering with EveryMove for this service. Among the two entrepreneurs who launched EveryMove is Russell Benaroya who says, “People that are active and healthy reduce their risk. That creates real value. hat we’re showing is that a health plan is willing to share that with you.”

To get the ball rolling, all you have to do is sign up for the service at EveryMove’s official site and provide your details, including information about your health provider. Then you can start logging hours for all the healthy activities through the day.

Of course you can cheat and log in hours for activities that you haven’t even done. However, EveryMove has set in place a number of mechanisms which, it is fairly sure, would help it thwart any efforts of cheating on the user’s end.

Source: EveryMove

Courtesy: Geekwire

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