Twitter Obtains Social News Service Summify

The micro blogging site Twitter has bought a Canada base social news provider Summify, in a bid to make the site more useful to its growing members. Summify scrutinize a person’s social media accounts and produces a daily email summary of the top stories their friends have shared across the likes of Twitter and Facebook.


Summify recently redesigned their webpage and adding a new tab named ‘Discover’, through which users are served stories and videos based on their interests. The twitter web development team continuously make the site ‘stickier’ for new and old users alike. When a new user first sign up to Twitter, it especially help users to gain value out of using the service. User also easily understand what to tweet and how to find relevant content.

The Telegraph reporter‘s said ‘Twitter, which is believed to be heading towards 500 million members, has bought the company for an undisclosed sum, in a bid to help better curate the content being shared across the site for each its members’.

However Twitter has said Summify’s product will become a ‘more streamlined service’ under its ownership and it is unclear till now how Summify will be fully integrated into Twitter’s output.

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