iBreathe Is First Wearable Air Purifier To Inahale Fresh Air Anywhere

In this era of wearable, iBreathe is the ground-breaking invention of London based start-up which offers the world’s very initial wearable air purifier to inhale fresh air anywhere in anytime.


In this modern civilization, when people are so much concern about the populated air and environment at that time iBreathe has invented. This wearable can purify the air as well as it can track the quality of air surrounding you. The wearable is very small in size that you can carry with yourself and enjoy fresh and purified clean air, no matter wherever you are.


This advance wearable features many other things along with air purifying to ensure your healthy life. The features are given below.

  • It can purify the air within seconds
  • It can track data from environment in real-time
  • It also can calculate the immediate actionable recommendation to keep you healthy
  • It can destroys allergens and bacteria particles in the air
  • It has build on sensors which can detect and measure air quality
  • It can clean the air inside of your home up to 20m2
  • It can also clean the air outdoor up to 8m2
  • It has ability to connect in to car 12V power supply
  • When it detects clear air, it turns to sleep mode
  • It comes with a special dock station
  • If there is an update is available, it will update itself over the air
  • It got a powerful battery which can last up to 8 hours in use
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    iBreathe has started a crowdfunding campaign which is currently running on Indiegogo. To support this innovative wearable air purifier, you can check Indiegogo campaign from HERE.

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