uFlavor Helps You Create your Own Soda Beverage

Can you image such a scenario? You’re on the beach somewhere, enjoying the sun and suddenly a wild thirst appears. But somehow you know, you wouldn’t be satisfied with your average coca-cola bottle. So you take out the phone, dial up a website, and by following a simple system, you digitally mix the ingredients (there are hundred options to choose from like cinnamon, a dash of lime, mango) to create the perfect beverage that will make your papillae explode.

Oh, and your not done yet. Choose the color of the drink, the design of the label and order up some more bottles, for dark times. And voila, soon enough they arrive on your lap, provided you have a mail box right there on the beach, near your chaise longue.

So do you think it’s all a dream? Far from it. The founders of uFlavor believe that there should be a unique flavored beverage for every person out there in this whole wide world, and the options you get shouldn’t be limited to what the supermarkets decide to bring on their shelves. So uFlavor decided to take things into their own hands and create a new category in the beverage industry that they called “user-generated refreshments”.

And their efforts have reached a pretty advanced phase. After a year and a half of engineering, the uFlavor team has finally within its gasp a working prototype of a machine that can basically create an infinity of fizzy drinks. The “invention” will be showcased this week during a major launch event. After it will be over, the machine will be introduced all over the U.S. in the key cities.


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