Researchers Made Simple Tattoo That Could Use Body Sweat To Power Electronic Devices

Most of the electronics devices like tablets, smartphones etc. have a common factor – they need to be charged. Usually we charge an electronic device by simply plugging it in a socket. But now, researchers at the University of California in San Diego, have made a very simple tattoo that could use body sweat to power small electronic devices.

Tattoo That Could Charge Electronic Devices

The tattoo comes with sensors and runs on lactic acid, which is produced by the body during strenuous physical activity. The sensors on the tattoo contain an enzyme that pulls electrons from lactic acid which is enough to generate electrical current. The researchers have built a bio-battery into the sensor that stores some of the electricity. At the moment, each sensor collects a few microwatts of power.

Some researchers have found that a suspended smartphone pulls close to 70 mW in 2 minutes. And then researchers discovered that this tattoo can do that work easily while a person is busy in strenuous physical activity. Here’s a video.

The researchers have published their findings at the American Chemical Society meeting. Now, they are working on more efficient energy storage tech.

Source: University of California

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