The Awe-Inspiring Aerial Photography Using Drones

The next level of aerial photography

Drone Photographs

Perhaps the most notable use of drones has been in the media industry. Previously Aerial shots were taken from Helicopters. Which were very costly.

Drones can navigate over pretty much any terrain. This sets it apart from Helicopters. Most production firms will avoid going for an aerial shot knowing it poses a great threat to the pilot and everyone on-board. but on the other hand, drones are unmanned. If it is damaged, the production firms will incur minor losses.

2018 Drone Awards

In the recent years, Drone Photography has established itself as a separate independent branch of photography. To recognize all the awesome shots taken by drones and encourage more innovative ones, every year the best drone shots receive the Drone Award. And 2018 was no exception.

The winner of this year’s Drone Awards is Florian Ledoux from France. The image captured a polar bear taking a leap between two masses of ice.

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