The ‘Revolutionary’ Apple Project By Philippe Starck Was Actually Jobs’ Yacht

Philippe Starck has recently caused a lot of buzz in the tech world with his rather misleading announcement that he was working on a ‘revolutionary’ Apple project. Apple was quick to respond and state that there was no such project under way. As was suspected, now it has been revealed that the actual project Starck was working on is Steve Jobs’ yacht.

Early statements by Starck had been indeed ambiguous and it was quite surprising when he gave his first statement regarding the ‘revolutionary’ project since Apple wouldn’t let one of the personnel working on any of its ‘secret’ projects to divulge information this casually. Starck has been rather clearer this time when a statement from him said, ‘It’s not a project with Apple. It’s a private project that began with Steve Jobs and that has been taken over by his wife.’

Steve Jobs is known for his passion for the yacht under discussion. Jobs took a trip from Italy to Turkey on a yacht and he found it to be the ‘best vacation’ he had had. After this trip, Jobs started designing a yacht of his own. As in his other ventures, Jobs wanted this yacht to be truly unique and duly customized to his taste.

Walter Isaacson, Jobs’ biographer, quotes him as having said, ‘I didn’t think I would be alive when it got done. But that made me so sad, and I decided that working on the design was fun to do, and maybe I have a shot at being alive when it’s done.’ Jobs made the design for the yacht ‘sleek and minimalist, quite reflecting his taste for neat gadgets like iPhone and iPad.

Currently, the yacht is being built by Feadship. Starck had been visiting Steve Jobs when he was alive to discuss the design of his yacht. And now, he is apparently collaborating with Jobs’ wife to complete the yacht. While Jobs is not alive to see this happen, this may still be the last of his designs being materialized and would be a treat indeed to see.


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