Thicker iPad, Thinner Macbook Pro And Metal iPhone in 2012

The new iPad, Macbook Pro and iPhone models will come with a new look, according to a claim by a website. While iPad goes thicker, Macbook Pro is all set to go super-thin whereas iPhone may come in a new metal body.

The rumour-mill about the upcoming Apple products is fraught with a number of ‘leaked’ news. It is natural, gives the immense global interest in Apple products. Here are some new ‘inside scoops’ on the products Apple will be launching in 2012.

Macbook Pro:
According to the different reports, it is quite certain that Apple will be producing an ultra-thin version of Macbook with a 15-inch display. In fact, to ensure that the model is the sleekest yet, Apple may drop optical drive out of the design. We can expect to the see the laptop in the market by the second quarter of 2012.

iPhone 5:
iPhone is the centre of all speculations since it’s the best selling Apple product right now. According to reports, the next version of iPhone will be slightly larger in size, about 8 mm larger than the current model and will have a 4-inch display. Also, the exterior of next iPhone model will have a new look – it will have a metal casing, probably of aluminium, and will most likely be safe batter-life issues.

iPad 3: 
For iPad enthusiasts, it may be a little disappointing to hear that  the next model of iPad will be slightly thicker than the current one, by about 0.7 mm. However, the good news are that this is to ensure a high-resolution display that has been promised with the next iPad. We can expect it to hit the markets by March next year.

Image Courtesy dan taylor.
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