New Chipset By Texas Instruments Brings 720p Projector To Smartphones

Smartphones are fast becoming the very frontier of technology which is pushing the boundaries. Texas Instruments (TI) has now unveiled a new chipset which integrates a high-resolution projector into your handset.

Texas Instruments Pico chipset

The Pico chipset is sized at a mere 0.3-inch, making it small enough to be attached to the side of a smartphone or a tablet. Not only that, this tiny chipset packs powerful projection capabilities, allowing you to run a 720p video on a screen.

TI has offered a previous iteration of the chipset in the past too. The new version, however, packs 30 percent better efficiency and twice as much as brightness as the last model. What’s even more incredible about it is that it consumes 50% less battery power, making it well suited to smartphones which are typically short on battery juice.

For now, it remains to be seen whether or not smartphone vendors will be wooed by this idea of integrating high-power projectors into their handsets. If not sooner, it may become a distinguishing feature for smartphones in the coming days. Not only that, TI is also hoping that this chipset will find application elsewhere.

Wearable gadgets and devices, for instance, can really make use of this nifty projector technology. A gadget like Google Glass, with its visual-centric user experience, may be ideally suited to pack the TI chipset. Companies can, for instance, equip specific personnel during events and such to make use of it.

Courtesy: Electronista

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