TIM clock measure Meeting Cost and Valuable Money

Meetings are meant to be productive activities with certain specific purposes to be achieved such as decision making, discussion of issues, etc.

TIM or the Time is Money clock is an interesting meeting cost calculator and clock that will do instant calculation on how much money has actually been spent in a particular meeting if it is dragging on and on.

This device is pretty easy to operate. Users just need to key in the number of people in the meeting room and an estimated hourly wage of the respective attendees. Once this is done, users press the illuminated start button and the calculator cum clock will start working. This fun gadget for sure will catch everybody’s attention when people start looking at the money piling up as the clock continues ticking.

Besides, TIM also features an audible and visual fifteen minute reminder to remind users with a light beep sound and simple visual light flash on every fifteen minute interval. The alert indication is not really strong and will not really irritate meeting attendees. It is a good time keeper to ensure meetings are kept short and sweet.

Besides being a meeting cost calculator and clock, TIM can also be used for other purposes. For instance, general workers or some consultants are paid hourly; the device can be used to show proof to clients their actual working hours to prevent any dispute in calculation. TIM costs $24.99.

Check the video.


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