Toshiba May Bring Wi-Fi-Enabled FlashAir SDHC to US Users By May, June

Last year in September, Toshiba made headlines when it introduced the FlashAir SDHC card. The card has the capability to generate its own 802.11 b/g/n network. It has been on sale in Japan since February this year but so far, Toshiba hadn’t given a definite date for the US release. Now, however, company officials have stated that Toshiba is eyeing a May, June release in US.

The FlashAir SDHC card enables Wi-Fi devices to browse the web and download files right from the card. US users have long been anticipating a US launch of the card but so far, the company has been mum about it. Now, however, we have been given hints that Toshiba may actually be planning a launch this summer.

This latest statement regarding a possible US release comes from a senior manager at Toshiba, Hiroto Nikai. According to Nikai, Toshiba is planning for a May or June launch of the card in US. The launch will be for the 8GB FlashAir card. But Nikai did state that he wasn’t 100 percent sure of  this schedule and that a firm date wasn’t decided yet.

When the card debuted in Japan, it cost $72. Analysts have been speculating that the FlashAir SDHC card may emerge as a direct rival to Eye-Fi line of Wi-Fi storage cards when it hits the shelves. But Nikai tends to disagree to this notion. According to him, ‘I think Eye-Fi is mainly meant for uploading. Our cards are aimed at sharing, at the time and place the photographs are taken.’


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